Inverse Finance

Update 17/03/21

It’s been 2 weeks since the last big update and so much has happened since then that I hardly managed to put it all together.
Starting at the last checkpoint is always easiest so we’ll start there and work our way down to today.
The token is now tradeable and INVaders have proven to everyone in Crypto what a united community l
We got listed on DELTA, Zapper, Nomics,, Mxc, Zerion
Don't forget donate on gitcoin if you've made some money. helping each other is how we make Crypto and ourselves grow :slight_smile: (
Inverse completed its integration with Check it out. You can even vote and delegate with a hardware wallet there. (you pay the tx though) They also have stats on who voted and who didn't :wink: We thank them for integrating us:space_invader:
Anchor went live and you can now deposit DOLA as collateral and borrow ETH. All DOLA and ETH borrowers are now earning interest on their collaterals.
We said hello to the guys from C.R.E.A.M. on their forum and asked them to list INV as a collateral asset
The Meme contest got suspended due to bot activity and highly disproportionate prizes (blame the token vote :wink: )
Documentation for Inverse is being created on Gitbook. Special thanks to @Ross | DeversiFi for this. He did so much of it so quickly it really scared me. (in a positive way of course) Thanks to everyone else who helped so far @Somer @ME9 @DefiChad @naoufel @yao @0xkowloon :small_blue_diamond: We discussed the Opolis-coalition. It's like a rollercoaster right now. Gotta find a solution here ^^^
Inverse now has Dashboard on DuneAnalytics (link) Huge thank you to @naoufel for building this
Inverse introduced a new role. The Invader_onduty. Members with this role get @'ed more often to perform missions. Join them by leaving a comment in the #onduty channel
So what's there for the future? :eyes: The new proposal will be launched soon. There's a lot happening behind the scenes of course. Though we can't say more until it's done. Building takes time