How is Inverse Finance Organized?

Inverse Finance is organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) driven by community members who hold the INV token along with contributors that work full-time for the DAO. Contributors collectively bring many years of experience in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain development.


Working Groups

The DAO delegates certain decision making powers to working groups, which are granted limited autonomy and budget via DAO governance voting. The responsibilities of these working groups are determined within their proposals but all working groups are designed to ensure the DAO is able to meet fast moving market conditions, ensure day-to-day continuity of product development, relieve individual token voters from governance overload, and create a reliable and enjoyable community environment.

Current working groups include:

  • Product Working Group - The PWG is led by our developer 0xMT and is populated by core contributors driving product innovation and maintenance. The PWG is multidisciplinary and brings product ideas from the cradle of ideation, through validation from a user, business and feasibility perspective, into final implementation and maintenance.

  • Growth Working Group - The Growth Working Group is led by patb and drives business development, marketing, design, and community functions at Inverse Finance. From building awareness for Inverse products to building new exchange and liquidity partnerships to developing new design assets for Inverse marketing, the GWG is focused on growing the “top line” DOLA circulation and revenue numbers for Inverse.

  • Treasury Working Group - The TWG is led by cryptoharry and was formed with the goal of optimizing management of treasury assets in order to support the DOLA ecosystem. This allows for fast and dynamic decisions to be made and executed to the benefit of the DAO, such as OTC deals, allocation of protocol owned liquidity and DeFi actions. Furthermore, the TWG allows for liquidity management to extend beyond just the Ethereum blockchain, such as on Optimism, Base, Arbitrum, and Polygon.

  • Risk Working Group - The RWG is led by edo and was formed to support all functions of Inverse Finance such as DOLA expansion, providing sound risk analysis, risk management, ongoing risk monitoring for existing products, and supporting the efforts of the other working groups. To learn more about our RWG, refer to their personalized Gitbook here.

  • Analytics Working Group - The AWG is led by naoufel with the main goal of enabling users to seamlessly access the data they need and use it in the environment of their choice. The AWG supports other Working Groups, allowing them to make more informed decisions. The AWG provides users with different analysis dashboards, API endpoints, on-chain alerts, and other tools that allow users to monitor events from different data sources (social networks, on-chain, etc) via Inverse.Watch.

Working groups are held accountable by DAO governance, are required to produce progress reports, and periodically re-apply for budget renewals. Delegates have insight into relevant Discord conversations and working groups can be modified or disbanded by a DAO vote. The DAO may also vote at any time to launch a new working group.

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