Inverse Finance
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On-Chain Voting
Inverse Finance is governed entirely by holders of the INV token as a DAO. We use a process centred around our on-chain proposal presentation and execution environment called Governor Mills. We also socialize ideas and proposals on Discord and our Forum.
The Inverse Finance community has a social agreement to publish proposals on Governor Mills and the Forum for discussion and debate the proposals for at least 24 hours before they are submitted on-chain. Please visit our official Discord and Forum to find the latest items and participate.
The Inverse Finance DAO controls a number aspects of the Inverse Finance universe and products, including but not limited to:
  • The INV governance token
  • The Inverse DAO treasury (INV tokens, Frontier profits and PoL, Protocol owned Liquidity)
  • Inverse DAO parameters (proposal threshold, guardian)
  • Frontier Banking parameters (fees, collateral ratios, liquidation parameters etc)
  • Major hire/fire
  • Creating Working Groups with limited discretionary budgets