Smart Contracts

Inverse Finance smart contract cheat sheet

Contracts deployed by Inverse Finance DAO are immutable and are owned by Inverse DAO via governance ownership. Below is a list of some of the main smart contracts and addresses used in the various protocols operated by Inverse Finance DAO.

Collateral Tokens

CRV - 0x63fAd99705a255fE2D500e498dbb3A9aE5AA1Ee8

cvxCRV - 0x3474ad0e3a9775c9F68B415A7a9880B0CAB9397a

WETH - 0x63Df5e23Db45a2066508318f172bA45B9CD37035

stETH - 0x743A502cf0e213F6FEE56cD9C6B03dE7Fa951dCf

gOHM - 0x7Cd3ab8354289BEF52c84c2BF0A54E3608e66b37


To better manage daily operations, Inverse has many permissioned roles. Most are assigned to working groups via governance proposals. The RWG assumes a head-of-multisigs role, ensuring, amongst other things, that safety and best practices are instilled in the daily practices of all signers. This form of governance is designed to be transparent, decentralized, and inclusive, and is intended to give our token holders a direct say in the direction of the DAO, whilst simultaneously maximizing DAO output. We believe that this governance model is the best way to ensure that the interests of our token holders are aligned with the success of the DAO, and that we can continue to remain relevant in a rapidly growing industry where laggards are left behind.

An overview of all working groups and multi-sigs can be seen here and are listed below:


ETH oracle is deployed at: 0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419 BTC oracle is deployed at: 0xF4030086522a5bEEa4988F8cA5B36dbC97BeE88c xSUSHI oracle is deployed at: - 0x8Aa3932790b33C7Cc751231161Ae5221af058D12 - 0xe572cef69f43c2e488b33924af04bdace19079cf YFI oracle is deployed at: 0xA027702dbb89fbd58938e4324ac03B58d812b0E1 FLOKI oracle is deployed at: 0xfBAFc1F5b1b37CC0763780453d1eA635520708f2

The stETH oracle is deployed at: - 0x1b086779E47509bDc9f49f1ED31eefB1ef156deB - 0xab55bf4dfbf469ebfe082b7872557d1f87692fe6 Dola3pool oracle is deployed at: 0xf563f139C97b945e1306d3f5EA8bba2AC617ADF7 INV-DOLA oracle is deployed at: 0xbB6AfaDFdD3E1b35D4E4855CCaB315d5F3a21CD3 The INV oracle is deployed at: 0x210aC53b27f16e20A9aa7d16260F84693390258F

DOLA is set to $1.00.

Summary of Inverse Finance oracles:

Frontier (deprecated)


Frontier Comptroller - 0x4dCf7407AE5C07f8681e1659f626E114A7667339

Frontier Unitroller - 0x48c5e896d241afd1aee73ae19259a2e234256a85

Frontier Stabilizer - 0x7ec0d931affba01b77711c2cd07c76b970795cdd

Frontier Treasury - 0x926df14a23be491164dcf93f4c468a50ef659d5b

Price Oracles


anETH (old): 0x697b4acAa24430F254224eB794d2a85ba1Fa1FB8

anETH (new): 0x8e103eb7a0d01ab2b2d29c91934a9ad17eb54b86

anDOLA : 0x7fcb7dac61ee35b3d4a51117a7c58d53f0a8a670

anXSUSHI : 0xD60B06B457bFf7fc38AC5E7eCE2b5ad16B288326

anWBTC (old) : 0x17786f3813E6bA35343211bd8Fe18EC4de14F28b

anWBTC (new) : 0x2260fac5e5542a773aa44fbcfedf7c193bc2c599

anYFI (old) : 0xde2af899040536884e062D3a334F2dD36F34b4a4

anYFI (new) : 0x0bc529c00c6401aef6d220be8c6ea1667f6ad93e

xINV (new) : 0x1637e4e9941D55703a7A5E7807d6aDA3f7DCD61B

xINV (old) : 0x65b35d6Eb7006e0e607BC54EB2dFD459923476fE

anSTETH : 0xA978D807614c3BFB0f90bC282019B2898c617880

anFLOKI : 0x0BC08f2433965eA88D977d7bFdED0917f3a0F60B

anINVDOLA-SLP : 0x4B228D99B9E5BeD831b8D7D2BCc88882279A16BB

anDOLA3POOL-CRV : 0xc528b0571D0BE4153AEb8DdB8cCeEE63C3Dd7760

anYvCrvDOLA : 0x3cfd8f5539550caa56dc901f09c69ac9438e0722

yvCrvCVXETH : 0xa6f1a358f0c2e771a744af5988618bc2e198d0a0

anYcCrvIronBank : 0xb7159dfbab6c99d3d38cfb4e419eb3f6455bb547

anYvYFI : 0xe809ad1577b7ff3d912b9f90bf69f8beca5dce32

anYvWETH : 0xd924fc65b448c7110650685464c8855dd62c30c0

anYvCrvStETH : 0xd904235dc0cd28f42aeecc0cd6a7126d871edaa4

anYvDAI : 0xd79bcf0ad38e06bc0be56768939f57278c7c42f7

anYvUSDT : 0x4597a4cf0501b853b029ce5688f6995f753efc04

anYvUSDC : 0x7e18ab8d87f3430968f0755a623fb35017cb3eca

anYvCRV3Crypto : 0x1429a930ec3bcf5aa32ef298ccc5ab09836ef587

anYvCrvDOLA : 0x3cFd8f5539550cAa56dC901f09C69AC9438E0722

Debt Contracts

Debt Converter - 0x1ff9c712B011cBf05B67A6850281b13cA27eCb2A

Debt Repayer - 0x9eb6BF2E582279cfC1988d3F2043Ff4DF18fa6A0


xINV Timelock Escrow - 0x44814bf90ea659369a28633c3bd46ab52d8f73f7

Frontier Comptroller - 0x4dCf7407AE5C07f8681e1659f626E114A7667339

Frontier Stabilizer - 0x7ec0d931affba01b77711c2cd07c76b970795cdd

Frontier Treasury - 0x926df14a23be491164dcf93f4c468a50ef659d5b

DCA Vaults (deprecated)
Goerli (Testnet)

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