Where Can I Find Out More About The Operations of Inverse Finance?

Transparency in traditional finance is achieved through financial reporting from private institutions and regulations from central authorities. However, in practice, full transparency is only to be achieved in a closed circle, often behind the protection of banking or industrial secrecy laws between regulating and regulated entities.

Conversely, Blockchain and its public nature are allowing any actor to track every single cash flow with perfect accuracy : financial transparency is made easier at a granular level through an ever growing ecosystem of analyzing tools (ie. Etherscan, Dune Analytics, Nansen etc.)

At Inverse Finance, transparency means that we strive to provide our users and the general public with all relevant information on our market strategy, assessments, and our DOLA monetary policy in an opened, clear and timely manner as well as the tools to process it.

View our state of the art Transparency page on the official Inverse Finance dApp.

The DAO values your right to be properly informed and make your own decisions : if you think that something should be communicated more openly or is misrepresented, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our core contributors.

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