DCA Vaults

DCA Vaults (deprecated)

Inverse Finance’s first product launched was the DCA (dollar cost average) vaults. The DCA Vaults generate yield on stablecoins and continuously invest the yield in a target token e.g. ETH. While initially a very successful product, the DAO decided to focus resources on the growth of DOLA rather than improvements to the DCA Vaults.

As the profitability of the Vaults to the Inverse Finance Treasury decreased, it was decided that the vaults would be deprecated, meaning they would be no longer funded with Ethereum in order to fund the gas required to invest in the target token.

How to Withdraw from DCA Vaults

Despite being deprecated, the DCA Vaults smart contracts are still live and active on Ethereum Mainnet (and will be forever). It is recommended that users who still have crypto held within these smart contracts should withdraw their capital from them. The DCA Vaults are no longer displayed on the current Inverse Finance UI. However, the vaults can be accessed through the UI of the old Inverse Finance website. This website can be accessed through the following link:


Users will be able to claim any profits and withdraw all capital using this website.

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