Inverse Finance FAQ Viking Edition

How do I stake my Floki?

Connect your wallet to Inverse Finance anchor in the top right of the page on the Ethereum mainnet. If this is the first time depositing Floki to Anchor, you will need to 'Approve' the smart contract to spend the Floki from your wallet before you can make the deposit. More information on smart contract approvals can be found here. Once you are ready, deposit Floki from your wallet.
Inverse Finance is available on both Desktop and Mobile for your convenience.

How much will I earn staking my Floki?

Inverse Finance is rewarding the Floki pool 50 $INV per month that will be dispersed between all stakers. The APY will be lower the more saturated the pool becomes, as the INV reward is shared across more users. The users who stake first are usually rewarded more in these scenarios.

How do I borrow using my Floki as collateral?

After supplying Floki, you will see a slider next to the asset to enable it as a collateral. If you decide not to borrow at the time you can leave the collateral option turned on, as it wonโ€™t affect your asset. You can now choose to borrow any asset in the right column under borrow. DOLA is the stable coin of Inverse Finance and is pegged to 1 USD.

How much / how long can I borrow using my Floki as collateral?

Floki is allowed to be borrowed up to 50% of the deposited value. There are no expiration dates on the loan, and the APR displayed next to the borrowed asset is the interest you are paying on that particular asset while borrowing.

What is liquidation?

If Floki drops in value and your borrow limit exceeds 100%, your loan will be liquidated enough to lower you back below the threshold. Upon liquidation, a 13% fee is taken on top of your repayment to the liquidators. Inverse Finance will display your loan health 1-100% at the top of anchor while you have an outstanding loan. This process is automated and cannot be stopped so please borrow responsibly and do not borrow the full limit. Start slow if you feel that you donโ€™t understand.

If I stake $100 worth of Floki and borrow $50 worth of any asset available, will my position get liquidated if Floki drops in value?

You are allowed to borrow 50% of your Floki value (50% collateral factor). At $50 borrowed you are at risk of being instantly liquidated as your borrow limit would be at 100%.
A $25 dollar borrow in this scenario would put you at a 50% collateral factor which is much safer.

Can I stake Floki on BSC?

Inverse Finance anchor is only available on Ethereum mainnet. To transfer Floki from BSC to Ethereum, you can use the bridge on the Floki website.
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