How to Acquire DOLA

Acquire DOLA

DOLA can be acquired by using any of the following methods:
  • Borrowing from Anchor Banking or any partnered lending protocols
  • Buying from a decentralized exchange
  • Minting via the Anchor Stabilizer

Borrowing DOLA

Using your crypto assets, such as Ethereum, as collateral to then borrow is the most common method people use to acquire DOLA. Borrowed DOLA is valued at $1 when borrowed.
Please read the guide on the Borrowing page for further details of how to do this using Anchor.
You may wish to use a partnered lending market to borrow DOLA if Anchor does not support the collateral type you want to use, or you want to borrow on a different blockchain to Ethereum (such as Fantom). Please check the docs of the lending protocol to understand how to use their service correctly.
Current official lending partners:
  • Rari Fuse Pool 6 (Ethereum)
  • Scream (Fantom)

Buying with Stablecoin on Ethereum

Using the ‘Swap’ Tool on Inverse Finance

Using the ‘Swap’ page on Ethereum is the best way to buy DOLA using another Stablecoin on Ethereum. Enter the stablecoin you wish to use (DAI/USDC/USDT), and the tool will automatically work out the best route to use from either the Stabilizer or DOLA-3POOL Curve Pool that gets the user the most DOLA.
It should be noted that using the Stabilizer uses less gas than swapping on Curve, so it has a cheaper transaction fee. Therefore, if the rates given by both Curve and the Stabilizer are similar, it is probably best to use the Stabilizer.

Minting Via the Stabilizer

The stabilizer is an Anchor product where users can exchange Dai for DOLA and vice versa for a 0.4% fee. After issuance, the Stabilizer can be used by market participants as a source of liquidity to arbitrage any price differences if DOLA moves away from its 1:1 peg versus USD.

Buying With Other Assets or on Other Chains

Buying from a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

DOLA can be bought from the open market using decentralized exchanges. The current peg of DOLA and the liquidity of DOLA in the particular market should be considered when deciding which market to use. Users need to be aware of slippage when buying from decentralized exchanges.
It is most common to use other stablecoins to buy DOLA, but there are commonly used pools with assets such as Ethereum, Fantom and INV Token used for buying DOLA. Theoretically, though, any asset that is traded on a DEX that has DOLA listed can be used to buy DOLA.
DEX Markets with deepest DOLA liquidity:

Using a Decentralized Aggregator

DEX aggregators are great tools for getting the best price on complicated trades. On Ethereum mainnet, using a DEX Aggregator (such as 1inch or Zapper) will get you the most favourable trade involving DOLA.
It should be noted that most DEX aggregators on Fantom blockchain have not yet implemented the Curve DOLA pool which has the most liquidity. This leads to higher than usual slippage.