Inverse Finance

Voting & Delegating

Casting votes can be prohibitive because of gas costs. Delegating is free so explore the voices in Inverse Finance DAO governance.
How to vote
When a proposal has been submitted, you can vote using Governor Mills in Frontier.
  • To be eligible to vote, you need to delegate your votes either to yourself or to a Delegate before a proposal goes live.
  • Check for commentary on proposals in each Delegate's Discord channel.
Unless you have delegated to someone else, you will need to pay the Ethereum gas fee for the transaction as voting takes place on the Ethereum blockchain.
Delegates can be seen as public voices or representatives chosen by the Inverse Finance community. You can track their votes on Frontier. and read any discussions they take part of in the Forum and on Discord.
  • Once a Delegate reaches 1900 votes they’ll gain the power to queue draft proposals up for an on-chain vote.
Delegating your votes to a person of your choice will cost you no gas as you only need to sign a cryptographic proof using your wallet. You simply send them a direct message with the proof and the Delegate will register it on-chain.
The 1900 vote threshold for queuing a draft proposal is subject to change via a DAO vote and it was raised from 1000, meaning it is likely to be raised in the future to compensate for inflation.

Can I redirect my votes?

You can easily re-delegate to someone who better represents your interests, or to yourself. We encourage you to share your viewpoint in the Delegate's Discord channel.
  • Remember, you can always decide to redirect your votes to a new delegate at any time!
How do I delegate my voting power?
1) You can find our current delegates in the Governance tab on Frontier and delegates are available for conversation through our Discord in the #delegates-pitch Discord channel and on the Inverse Forum.
2) Simply click on their link, connect your Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or WalletConnect and sign the message.
3) Copy-paste the outcome and send it to your delegate via Direct Message on Discord so that he can lock in your vote. Your tokens will remain in your account at all times. You must send this to your delegate so that they can lock in your vote.
The message looks similar to this one:
  • Note: If you lend/delegate your vote to someone else then you can't vote anymore, the delegate will vote for you. You have to trust that your delegate represents your interests but you can check their on-chain track record and discuss with them in the Discord if they are active. It’s free of charge.