Creating A Proposal
Anyone who has 1000 votes delegated or who is a whitelisted DAO member can submit a proposal on-chain. Voting stays open for 72 hours after which a 48 hour holding period is imposed before execution.
What is required from a proposal?
Clarity: Proposals should be written in easy to understand language. Proposals should clearly define and address a specific set of on-chain actions along with any responsibilities carried by DAO members or 3rd parties.
Completeness: All referenced and public information must be made accessible through the proposal. A proposal must not be dependent on future circumstances. Authors should disclose any and all conflicts of interest for all parties.
Uniqueness: Do not create proposals that contain the same actions, responsibilities or budgetary items as the currently active proposals. Review active proposals to avoid overlap.
Although everything available is on-chain, Inverse Finance has taken steps to make creating proposals accessible for anyone and the most common on-chain actions have templates.

Execution of Proposals

The proposal requires a minimum of 4000 FOR votes to pass quorum and it needs to have more FOR votes than AGAINST votes.
Once a proposal has passed, it must be queued on-chain. This action can be triggered by anyone who is willing to pay the gas fee (usually done by a DAO member). The proposal then enters a holding period of 48 hours to let people prepare prepare for the consequences of the proposal once executed.
After the holding period, the proposal's execution can be triggered by anyone within 14 days. If the proposal is not executed within 14 days, it will expire and is no longer actionable.
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