Inverse Finance


Inverse Finance Fixed Rate Market
The Fixed Rate Market or “FiRM,” is Inverse Finance’s new Fixed Rate Market lending protocol that implements a new DeFi primitive called DOLA Borrowing Rights, and a novel money market architecture, Personal Collateral Escrows.

DOLA Borrowing Rights

DBR's provide the holder the right to borrow DOLA in FiRM. Simply hold DBR in your wallet and you are eligible to borrow DOLA against your collateral.
DBR’s solve issues of highly volatile interest rates in traditional variable rate lending markets. DBR removes many of the constraints of conventional fixed rate interest lending in DeFi. Users benefit from the certainty of fixed-rate loans while gaining both short and long-term optionality and opportunities from DOLA Borrowing Rights.

Personal Collateral Escrows

PCE's isolate collateral deposits by individual wallet both by address and by token type. This removes the need for shared collateral pools which carry increased risks, and grants users the ability to use yield bearing collateral tokens and the voting power of governance tokens deposited as collateral, or in DeFi incentives voting schemes such as Convex.
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