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The most capital-efficient decentralized stablecoin in DeFi
DOLA is the first synthetic asset issued through Frontier. It is a debt-backed USD stablecoin that can be used as collateral within the FiRM and previously in Frontier money markets. DOLA is not "algorithmic" and INV is not used to mint or redeem DOLA.
DOLA is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. This means it is designed to be valued as close to $1 as possible with minimal volatility. DOLA is debt-backed rather than algorithmic, meaning that DOLA is backed by retractable debt. Regardless of DOLA’s market conditions or peg, each DOLA on Frontier always represent $1 of borrowing power.
DOLA can bee added into circulation on the supply side of partnering money markets by Inverse Finance's Feds, and then made available to be borrowed through over-collateralized loans. Similarly, DOLA is injected into the DOLA/FRAX-3POOL or the Curve DOLA-3POOL through our partnership with Yearn and their DOLA vault. DOLA can also be purchased with DAI stablecoin using The Stabilizer.
Borrowed Dola is always backed by debt and it is recallable as the Fed's can retract and burn DOLA from the supply of money markets. Less DOLA in the supply of money markets means increased interest rates for borrowed DOLA, and an incentive to buy DOLA to repay DOLA loans.
DOLA will soon be available for borrowed using Frontier or any of Inverse Finance's partners with lending/borrow markets. Please see the How to Acquire DOLA page for further information.
Last modified 1mo ago