Our Team
The team behind Inverse Finance has multiple years of experience in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain development. Founded by Nour Haridy in 2020 our team has also worked on projects including Index Coop, Information Token, Olympus, Scream, Concave, and Station0x.
The Inverse DAO also includes contributors who actively participate in working groups, developing new proposals, and promoting Inverse from across the globe and from both crypto and non-crypto backgrounds.

Contact Us

You can meet us on Discord (we will never DM you) and you can also find us on Twitter and our Inverse Finance Telegram channel. The team (Twitter Handle // Discord Handel):
  • @NourHaridy // @Nour
  • @theAlienTourist // @theAlienTourist
  • @patb // @patb
  • @naouufel // @naoufel
  • @BasedXeno // @BasedXeno
  • @Nakamomo6 // @Nakamomo
  • @harryrees1234 // @cryptoharry
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Contact Us