Inverse Finance


What is Inverse Finance?

Inverse Finance is a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), started on the 26th of December 2020. Inverse DAO governs and develops a suite of permissionless and decentralized financial tools using blockchain smart contract technology. The code base is open source and maintained by the community.

What Is Our Vision?

A world where decentralized stablecoins empower everyone with an internet connection.

What Is Our Mission?

To build a decentralized and sustainable foundation for creating economic freedom for every human being.

What Are Our Goals?

To secure the availability of synthetic assets like decentralized stablecoins (low variance assets) and immutable tools enabling economic freedom.

What is Our Ethos?

In all actions, we strive for decentralization, transparency, sustainable growth, direct control and oversight by DAO members. You can find our guiding principles in the orientation slides.

Our Products

The DOLA stablecoin and INV are ERC20 tokens available natively on Ethereum and they are also bridged to Optimism (Layer 2 to Ethereum) and to the Fantom chain. Users can deposit DOLA in the Curve DOLA-3pool to earn interest through Yearn's Curve vault or by depositing the LP token in Convex.

How are we organized?

INV holders hold voting power in our on-chain governance system called Governor Mills. A proposal takes a minimum of five days to move through the process and to be more agile, Inverse DAO has created Working Groups with limited discretionary budgets.
The WG's are the primary interface for connecting with the community who loves and uses Inverse Finance products and bring talent in as contributors to the DAO. Reach out in the CWG-General channel if you're interested in contributing.
INV is the governance token for Inverse Finance DAO and it is also a collateral asset in Frontier. Join our Discord server and join the conversation now!
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