Business Continuity

Should the person in charge of administrating those different tools be unavailable to carry her/his duties...
The entirety of AWG created content is sourced on Github, or is available to team members in the Google Shared Drive for continuity purposes (Data Studio, Sheets, Apps Script Projects...)
Credits : Storyset


This documentation is aiming to become the starting point for anyone interested in contributing to the activities of the Analytics Working Group but also for everyone interested in our data and using the protocol on an informed way. As such it is vital for the DAO to keep this content up to date and as descriptive as possible.


A private key allowing to authenticate to Naoufel's Dune account is provided to core team members. It allows to log and amend dashboards, as well as downloading data in CSV format and skip the query queue.


The analytics webpage is controlled by a Data Studio report, owned by the DAO Google account. It can be amended or replaced by anyone with access to the Drive.
The subgraph is controlled by an NFT currently held in the Analytics Working Group multisig.
The Google Apps Scripts project allowing to fetch data from the endpoint are available on the corresponding google sheets, in the DAO Google Drive inside the analytics folder.


For security reasons, the Virtual Machines access is not shared. The alerts system needs to be replicated as explained in the corresponding section.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is reserved on a need-to-contribute basis. Access are managed by core team members.
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