This space is moving fast and the resources presented in this Gitbook have margin for improvement. If you would like to contribute (welcome!), we have listed here a few items that we are planning to work on in the future. Just get in touch with us in Discord.
Credits : Storyset
  • Release of a Governance subgraph
  • Release of a token tracking subgraph
  • Development of a Data Studio Twitter connector
  • Development of a Data Studio GraphQL connector
  • Integrate partners subgraphs (Olympus,Curve...)
  • Develop more complex integrated reports


  • Back-end optimization to minimize node offline time
  • Python Code optimization (error management, methods, functions etc.)
  • General Improvement of the system, integrate filters for complex or high value transaction , eventually a UI to generate the code automatically.
  • Improve and expand the current set of Python functions
  • Track and report inconsistencies in the current Dune dashboard to maintain it updated
  • Produce analytical articles, and regular reporting on DAO operations
  • Improve and expand the documentation