INV Token
The Inverse DAO Governance Token
The INV token is the governance token of Inverse.finance

INV Token Utility

The INV token gives voting power in the Inverse Dao. Therefore INV token holders can directly control a number of important parameters and aspects of the Inverse treasury and products. More information hereโ€‹

INV Staking

You can stake INV tokens by depositing them into Anchor; please see the depositing page for further information on how to do this.
Once deposited, you will be sent xINV tokens to your wallet. The xINV token represents staked INV tokens. xINV tokens can be used to vote and participate in Inverse DAO governance. Over time, the amount of INV tokens represented by an xINV token grows as INV rewards are provided to stakers. You can enable your staked INV to be used as collateral and borrow against it; please see the borrowing page for more information.
xINV tokens can be exchanged back to INV tokens by withdrawing on Anchor. However, there is a 10 day cooldown period before you can receive the tokens to your wallet.

What is the cooldown period?

The cooldown period is the time required prior to unstaking your tokens. You must start the cooldown period before you can unstake your tokens. When you begin the cooldown period, your INV tokens are sent to an escrow wallet where they will no longer accumulate INV rewards and cannot be used as collateral. After the 10 day period is up, you will be able to withdraw the tokens via a transaction on Anchor. New xINV withdrawal requests will reset the current escrow/cooldown period.
The cooldown period can be amended and even removed altogether by a DAO proposal.

INV Tokenomics

Max Supply

The INV Token currently has a max supply of 100,000 tokens.


The INV token current monthly emissions are as follows:
Anchor Pool
Monthly INV Emissions
These emissions can be altered via a DAO vote.


The Inverse DAO has the ability to conduct a buyback of INV tokens using funds from the treasury. This has been done once before where $50k of INV was bought back from the open market, the proposal can be found here.

Future Changes?

There are currently plans being put together to change the tokenomics of INV, please join our Discord to find out more information and be involved in the discussions. Further details will be posted to the docs once a formal governance vote is passed in the DAO that implements any changes.
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