Inverse Finance

Update 30/12/20

The first among many sweet-sourly long weekly recaps
Hey folks,
It’s time for a small update on what’s been going on during the last days👀
🔹We moved over from telegram to Discord and we’ve hit over 1k members :) 🔹The DAI to ETH vault limit increased from 300k to 500k! 🔹2181 people filled out the google form to receive tokens and 654 got approved. Everyone who got approved received 80 INV tokens from the total supply of 100k. If you still need to claim yours, you can do so on -> To date, 62% of those 654 people have claimed their tokens. 🔹On the 27th, the delegation interface was released. People can now delegate their tokens to a person they trust. 24 members have submitted their application on Discord. 🔹Many of you have voted and until now there are 5 delegators: Alan, Benlavabo, Somer, Key and, goldenandy73 More info about delegation and its process can be found here: 🔹token ownership has been sent to the DAO The token contract ownership has been sent to the DAO -> Seizing, minting, making the token tradeable, etc. is now officially in the hands of the DAO 🔹Through an informal vote on Discord you have voted for 3 additional mods. The mods you voted for are @defi_enthusiast, @MirageLight and, @PYLON Vtach 🔹Lastly, the voting interface is online. This means that your delegates with 1k+ votes can now start proposing changes to the protocol.
So what is being worked on right now?
  • there’s new vault strategies in development💰
🗣active discussions on: -> how to best increase TVL -> branding -> treasury fees and minimum threshold
That’s it for now folks. We hope this helps you keep an overview of what’s been going on. If there are more questions feel free to ask us on Discord (and soon again on TG)