Inverse Finance

Update 27/01/21

The calm before the storm 🤭
This is the 5th update…is it INV’s Bday yet? Time sure feels different in Crypto…
👉🏻A lot has happened but DAO_members have sworn an oath of secrecy so let’s talk about other stuff..for now
🔸TVL is at 2m and deposit caps have been completely removed :) 🔹Ownership of all vaults was transferred to the DAO 🔸The reward-committee has decided to give 100 INV to our logo contest winner @ees2oo. Congrats to him The committee is also working on a framework on how to reward people. We hope to be able to share more on this soon. For now, the priority is to reward new devs. 🔈If you’re a solidity dev and/or frontend dev. Contact us on Discord. Best contact Nour directly ;p Yes there’s rewards 👀
🎙Your favorite delegates were interviewed by @gabrielhaines. Check out his Tweet, like it, and listen to the podcast. Maybe some of the secret info can be found there? 🤫Gotta listen very carefully. 🔹There’s also a substack now. Still empty but I’ll try to compress the latest 5 updates into a big one once I find the time.
That’s all we can share for now.
Let me finish by noting that Inverse is building a giant ship, maybe an arc? Inverse’s arc? A release that could cause a storm of biblical consequences?
We’ll know more soon. 💙
P.S: During the recent outcry for more transparency someone dared to ask for another channel. We happily complied and now your elected committee members can answer your question in the newly created #public-committee channel🕯
See you next week :)