Inverse Finance

Update 17/02/21

The InverseDAO gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please it. But if a sinner or an inactive tokenholder becomes wealthy, the DAO takes the wealth away and gives it to those who please it.
🔹 Inactive tokenholders beware!
⏰ 2 days remain until the great seizing begins.
Do yourself a favor and just vote on Snapshot, it is free, takes 30 seconds, and keeps you from losing your precious tokens.​
✍🏼 Nour is currently working on that list, and as soon as the vote is done, the witch hunt/proposal to seize will happen. By then it will be too late for some.
Any complaints about this can be directed to INVerse’s yet to be created “complaint department”. Our members ME9 and allô are very eager to handle that part.☎️🕯
Best just avoid all of this by just voting. It’s that easy.💙
🔹Second, you might have noticed that another exploit happened during the week and about 30m + got stolen. Inverse was NOT affected.
🔒As a preventive measure Inverse had disabled its vault to protect its users and their funds. As of today, the vaults have been re-enabled. APY’s will show the correct % soon.
🔹Anchor... News about Anchor is hard to come by and not everything can be shared yet. What we can tell you is that we are approaching a closed testing phase among community members. To see if it works and to sort out bugs.
I’d expect this to happen at the earliest after voting on the next proposal (seizing of inactive holders) has begun.
🔹But there is also better news.
Do you want to become a tokenholder? Or get even more INV? Then this is for you
🚨WIN 20x 10INV in our Meme contest🚨
👉🏻Check out the last announcements on Discord or Telegram for more info. (it has meme contest on top). Best 20 memes win 10 INV each.
🩸 Fresh blood wanted 🩸
The reward committee is looking to let in new blood. The DAO is very open to new members and we'll try to reward new members who don't have any tokens yet. 👉🏻We’ll start slow with members who have proven themselves valuable in the past and show genuine interest. The reward amount is between 40-80 INV (TBC).
⚠️⚠️And then we have even better news!⚠️⚠️
A project has noticed the INVaders and was impressed by their loyalty and activity. To reward you they have decided to include you in an Airdrop. (it’s a good one) More news soon.👀
That’s it. Next week is going to be good ;) And the one after maybe even better. Maybe.