By depositing to Anchor you are making your asset available for borrowers to borrow. You earn interest depending on the utilisation of the asset pool (the more utilised the higher the interest rate earned by the pool) and you can also use your deposited assets as collateral to fund your own borrowing from the protocol
  • Earn interest on your deposits
  • Use your deposits as collateral for borrowing

Depositing with Anchor

1) Ensure that you have ETH in your wallet and navigate to the Anchor Banking page
2) Connect your wallet using the button in the top right hand corner of the exchange
3) In the 'Supply' table, click on the name of the asset that you would like to deposit/supply. The table will expand to show you an 'enter quantity' box.
Note, you do not need to click the 'Enable' button and sign the associated transaction unless you wish to enable your deposited/supplied assets as collateral for opening a credit line (borrowing from Anchor) in the future.
4) Enter the amount of asset that you would like to deposit submit the transaction using your wallet.
Congratulations, you are now lending on Anchor!
If you wait a few seconds of refresh the page, you should see confirmation of your supplied assets. In the screenshot below 1 ETH has been deposited/supplied
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