Staking INV

Staking Rewards

Long-term supporters and investors are encouraged to deposit, or stake their INV in Anchor and use your voting power to participate in the governance of Inverse Finance DAO. Inverse Finance ensures that stakers remain the primary beneficiaries of INV supply expansions by rewarding stakers with more than 100% APY.
INV staking rewards are calculated every single time an Ethereum block is mined, which is around 6400 times every single day.

How To Stake

Here is an article on how to buy and stake INV, also see the depositing page for more details.
As you deposit INV into Anchor, you will receive xINV tokens as receipts. They are exchanged back to INV tokens when you unstake.

Borrowing Against xINV

Staked INV (xINV) can be used as collateral and you can borrow against it. See the borrowing page for more information.