Inverse Finance

Staking INV

Staking Rewards

Long-term supporters and investors are encouraged to deposit, or stake their INV in Frontier and use their voting power to participate in the governance of Inverse Finance DAO. Inverse Finance ensures that stakers remain the primary beneficiaries of INV supply expansions by rewarding stakers with INV rewards APY at matching INV supply expansions. The rewards APY can therefore fluctuate as more or less INV is introduced.
INV staking rewards are calculated every single time an Ethereum block is mined, which is around 6400 times every single day, and they are distributed each time someone stakes or unstakes INV in Frontier. This means that the published APY in the Frontier user interface may fluctuate as the rate at which additional Ethereum blocks are mined take more or less time.

How To Stake

Here is an article on how to buy and stake INV, also see the depositing page for more details.
As you deposit INV into Frontier, you will receive xINV tokens as receipts. They are exchanged back to INV tokens when you unstake.
If you are not familiar with crypto wallets you can check this guide made by Coinbase:
If you have INV on Coinbase or some other centralized exchange or custodial service, always check their latest documentation for any updates as their wallets may not interact with smart contracts.
Using the Coinbase Exchange as an example, transfer your INV to the Ethereum address of your (non-custodial) Coinbase Wallet or some other wallet like Metamask. In order to make transactions on the Ethereum chain you will need some ETH in the wallet to pay for the Ethereum chain gas fees. Once you have transfered the INV to your Ethereum wallet, make sure that your wallet is set to the Ethereum network, navigate to the website and connect your wallet to stake INV as explained in the tutorial linked above. Also check our docs:

Borrowing Against xINV

Staked INV, represented by xINV tokens that you can find in your wallet on, can be used as collateral and you can borrow against it once DOLA borrowing is re-enabled. See the borrowing page for more information.