What is INV?

INV is Inverse Finance’s governance token which provides accelerated staking rewards along with the continued ability to use INV as collateral to borrow DOLA as well as for voting purposes and revenue sharing (TBD).

What does Inverse Plus provide?

  • Attractive staking rewards/APY for INV stakers
  • Continued use of xINV as collateral for low-cost DOLA loans
  • Voting rights in the Inverse DAO

How are INV reward rate determined?

The Policy Committee handles day-to-day changes to xINV reward rates as well as bond discount rates. INV stakers are being rewarded a minimum of approximately 100% APY, with a hard cap equivalent to 500%. Inverse DAO can vote to change the hard cap and set restrictions for intra-day changes in interest rates.

What can I do with my staked INV?

As you stake INV you can borrow DOLA against it and you can explore the other borrowing options available on Anchor, here. Staking INV on Anchor also provides you with voting rights in the governance process used to alter the parameters of Anchor and other Inverse DAO governance matters.

What does the Revenue Sharing Rewards (RSR) mean for INV stakers?

INV holders decide on the details of the DOLA Revenue Sharing Rewards payouts in upcoming proposals involving DOLA circulation milestones. INV holders can invest over longer time horizons knowing that the success of DOLA lending will drive superior returns for INV stakers.

Are DOLA Revenue Sharing Rewards the same as dividends?

No, but they share some traits.

What does the RSR mean for the Inverse product line?

INV is part of a working product suite which is our Anchor money market and our DOLA stablecoin lending process known as the DOLA Fed. Our revenue generating products now accrue direct value to INV holders both through staking rewards as well as through another value add for stakers: DOLA Revenue Sharing Rewards. As DOLA circulation reaches $1BN, Inverse will begin distributing a percentage of DOLA lending revenue to INV stakers.

Is INV staking available on Fantom or other chains?

At this time INV staking rewards and revenue sharing rewards are only available at on Ethereum.

How can I buy INV?

Visit and click “Buy INV"