DOLA Cross-Chain
DOLA exists as an ERC20 token on both Ethereum and Optimism which is a Layer 2 to Ethereum. Both use ETH (OETH when bridged to Optimism).
DOLA can also be bridged to Fantom chain which is an independent blockchain using FTM as its gas token. Fantom is EVM compatible which means that code from Ethereum smart-contracts can be deployed (DeFi).


Always check if there is enough DOLA liquidity on the other chain to transact before you bridge. Dexscreener has fairly comprehensive information but look up the analytics of the protocol that you are using. If the liquidity pools on the chain are low on DOLA you benefit from positive slippage if you bring DOLA to trade. If the pools have an excess of DOLA on the other hand you benefit from purchasing it.
Different bridge types have different properties and it's not a given that prices or transaction times are the same moving DOLA onto or off from any specific chain. The decentralized bridge off from Optimism can take some time to exit through as he optimistic consensus engine behind Optimism assumes right action. Anyone can challenge the validity of a transaction and a challenged transaction moving off the bridge could remain pending for up to ca 7 days before the challenge is concluded.
There are privately funded bridges that offer faster bridging speeds for a fee, and have more liquidity but they have a different risk profile. Take a moment to edit the allowance when you are prompted to approve the transfer and set it to match the sum you are sending. Infinite approvals carry a risk if the protocol is compromised.


Head to the bridge of your choice with DOLA at the ready.
Make sure that your wallet is pointed to the chain that you are moving from.
Select the chain to move to.
Approve the allowance for the sum.
Confirm the transaction to send the funds and wait.
Currently available bridges:
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