Curve Pools
Provide Liquidity to help DOLA grow!
Deep DOLA liquidity is vital to the success and growth of Inverse Finance. For Stablecoin liquidity, currently it is most efficient to use Curve pools as these pools keep the peg of the stablecoin far better the most other 50:50 pools. As these liquidity pools are with dollar stablecoins only, the risk of impairment loss is very low, meaning that liquidity providers can collect trading fees and other incentives at a relatively low risk.
When depositing liquidity to Curve, you will receive a Curve LP token in return. This LP token is what proves your stake in the liquidity pool. Trading fees accumulated to the liquidity providers are added your balance automatically.

DOLA Liquidity on Ethereum

On Ethereum, DOLA is paired with the 3pool (USDC, DAI and USDT).

DOLA Liquidity on Fantom

On Fantom, DOLA is paid with the 2pool (USDC and DAI).