INV Token
The Inverse DAO Governance Token
INV is Inverse Finance’s governance token which you can stake for a hefty yield in Anchor. INV can be used as collateral to borrow assets like DOLA to participate in yield farming opportunities, or to long or short the assets available in Anchor.
All stakers can vote in our decentralized on-chain DAO governance and are eligible for interest sharing as DOLA MCAP reaches milestones.
Please see our INV Transparency page for information of current supply, staked on Anchor, monthly INV rewards, and the Roles & Power.

INV Token Utility

INV is a positive sum rewards token that gives voting power in the Inverse DAO. Therefore, INV token holders can directly control a number of important parameters and aspects of the Inverse treasury, products and operations. More information here.

INV Tokenomics


Inverse Finance maintains a close working relationship with Olympus Pro by utilizing their Olympus Pro bond program. This allows for users to purchase INV tokens at a discount in return for supplying liquidity pool tokens or DOLA. The amount of INV tokens supplied to the bond program is continually monitored and optimized by the Policy Committee.

Staking Rewards

Staking INV as xINV entitles the holder to xINV staking rewards in the form of additional INV tokens.. xINV stakers receive INV rewards continuously with every Ethereum block mined (roughly 6,400 times a day).
The rate of rewards, initially set at 100% APY, is continuously monitored and optimized by the Policy Committee and is capped at 500% APY, meaning the Policy Committee can not increase rewards beyond that without a new governance vote. The INV emissions directed to xINV stakers will ALWAYS be higher than all INV emissions directed elsewhere. This ensures that xINV stakers are protected from dilution and own an ever increasing proportion of the supply.

Revenue Sharing Rewards (RSR)

As new DOLA circulation milestones are reached, DOLA Revenue Sharing Rewards (RSR’s) pay a percentage of DOLA lending revenue to directly xINV stakers in DOLA. As DOLA’s popularity increases, increasing value accrues to INV stakers. The Inverse Finance community will present a proposal detailing the milestones and reward mechanism prior to the first milestone ($1BN DOLA Circulating Supply).

INV Max Supply

The INV token does not have a coded hard capped supply. The social consensus from the start of the project was that there would never be an excess of 100,000 tokens in circulation. However, since the INV+ proposal (which represented a shift away from this tokenomics), the plan is to move to an "uncapped" total supply, allowing the Inverse DAO to expand the supply of INV token through on-chain governance votes. This ensures INV stakers can continue to be rewarded, while increasing the rate at which the team can grow DOLA within the DeFi ecosystem. This ensures maximized performance and competitive strength for Inverse DAO. The DAO retains control of the minting process via successful governance proposals even though it allows the Policy Committee to adjust the rate at which newly minted INV is distributed to stakers. There is currently a 500% APY staking rewards cap in order to stop INV inflation from going to high.
It must be stressed, that INV stakers will never experience dilution. Emissions to INV stakers will always be in excess of emissions to non-stakers, meaning stakers proportional ownership of INV will always be increasing. So while additional minting of INV (as controlled by the on-chain DAO) will inflate the INV supply, it will NOT dilute INV stakers.

Anchor Rewards

The Anchor INV token rewards monthly emissions are as follows:
Anchor Pool
Monthly INV Emissions


No formal buyback policy is currently in place. The Inverse DAO has the ability to conduct a buyback of INV tokens using funds from the treasury. This has been done once before where $50,000 of INV was bought back from the open market, the proposal can be found here.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for setting the reward rate for xINV as well as allocating INV for bonding campaigns. This ensures that INV rates are always optimized to accrue maximum value both to INV holders and to the Inverse DAO treasury. The Policy Committee is comprised of seven active Inverse DAO team members who will serve on the committee for a one year term beginning on the 4th of February 2022:
@Nour @patb @basedxeno @cryptoharry @nakamomo @thealientourist and @n3bs
Inactive or retiring committee members are replaced via an Inverse DAO governance vote. All Policy Committee decisions require a quorum of 5 members out of 7 to conduct a vote. The policy Committee can be dissolved or replaced by Inverse DAO governance, as with all enacted proposals.