Welcome to Inverse Finance's Risk Working Group!
The Risk Working Group (RWG) is responsible for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to the Inverse Finance DAO. We support all functions of Inverse Finance, including DOLA expansion, and strive to provide sound risk analysis, risk management, and risk monitoring for existing products and aid the efforts of the various working groups.
Here, you will find information on the various risks that we monitor, the tools and processes we use to manage these risks, and the protocols we have in place to respond to risk events. You will also find updates on our current risk assessments and any relevant risk-related announcements.
We hope this Gitbook provides insight into the work of the RWG and the importance of risk management in the DeFi space.
Season 1 is underway! Have a look at the Risk Working Group proposal here.
Last modified 4mo ago